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Hello World and launch of 90di multi-lingual features

Saturday, March 8th, 2008

Hello 90di users!

This is the first blog entry from me. Hoping to write many more.

Using this opportunity to announce the release of of 90DI multi-lingual. So from today 90di.com shall speak Hindi and Kannada apart from English. This is one more way we thought of customizing 90di for Indian users, by making it more localized!

You will notice that as of now it is only partial Hindi and partial Kannada. You can see that the labels, the instructions and messages are in the chosen language, but things like the names of places and stations/airports are still in English. Also the static pages are available only in English for now. Hopefully, we will be able to release a full non english version some time soon.

We also hope to add more languages soon. Which language should be added next? — You tell us!

1) Try out the site in hindi

2) Try out the site in kannada

Also requesting the users to point out any mistakes they find in the translation. Or better phrases in a particular language. Also please do give your invaluable feedback on this feature.