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You can now search for 3-leg routes on 90di!

Monday, July 7th, 2008

We just made an enhancement to our travel search engine!

With this change, we start to show the results for places to which you can not reach within a single change (or using just 2 trains or flights). Here are a few examples of the kind of travel questions we are able to answer now, with this feature:

1) How do I travel from Birur to Bareilly?

For example if you search for trains from Birur (a small place in Karnataka) to Bareilly (a place in U.P). Then you need about 3 trains (2 changes) to do that, as its not possible to travel by any less (Except on Friday). And we try to get and show you the best routes possible for this particular journey.

2) Another example: Kandla – Dimapur

Kandla is a place in the western part of Gujrat and Dimapur is in the far eastern Assam. There is no direct train between them. Also if you look for options with 1 change there is just 1 (via Delhi). But if you are okay for 2 changes you get whole lot of options. The 2 change options are more practical too as typically you can take a flight (or a fast train) for the 2nd leg (or the major leg) of the journey.

So just try doing a few searches on  90di  and tell us how you find this feature.

(Hint: Select any two random stations in India and do a search, most likely you will get an answer! This is not most often possible with the search showing only upto 2 legs.)

We hope that this feature of showing 3-leg flight/train routes has really enhanced our  coverage in terms of being able to give an answer in terms of travel between the remotest of locations in India.

Also the search finds out the best route possible (if you use the TRAIN + FLIGHT search) via any flight or train. The same things also works very well, for just for trains or for flights.

As always we would love to get any feedback on this feature.