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We at 90di, wish our users a very Happy Diwali!

On this occasion we have a small gift for our users in providing them with a very nifty, Flight and Train schedule search service.

Let us see it with some examples:

1) Say, you want to see all the flights operating out of Lucknow. Just type in the search bar the following:
flights at lucknow

For seeing trains passing by lucknow (there will be many), just type in:
trains lucknow

2) Or say, you want to know whether KingFisher Airline operates in Agartala. Just say:
KingFisher flights at Agartala

Or, more tersely, just spell out the names:
KingFisher Agartala

3) Want to see the Schedule of Rajdhani Express which starts from Bangalore, just say:
rajdhani from bangalore

4) To find out if a train stops at a particular station, just say:
karnataka express jalgaon

5) If you are a number wizard and happen to remember the flight train numbers, then you can say:
2430 bangalore

6) If you deal in just numbers and codes, then you can just also say:
2007 MYS
(It’ll be hard to get a shorter query than this [:-)]. In this case, 2007 is the shatabdi express number and MYS is the station code of Mysore)

7) For seeing the entire schedule of an operator, just type the operator name:
Jet Lite schedule

8) Last but not the least to find out the railway reservation status using your pnr number. Just type in your pnr number as ‘pnr <xxx-yyyyyyy>’, we directly take you to the railway page which shows the pnr status:

Tell us if you found this useful. Any changes/enhancements you would like to see. We would love to hear your comments and feedback. Please reply to this blog, or submit your feedback to us.

Also, If you really like our service, and think that any of your friends might also find it interesting. Then you are welcome to use this small referer form to tell them about it:

Signing off by wishing, again, everybody a very happy festive season!

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9 Responses to “Check Flight and Train Schedules on 90di”

  1. B Narayan Says:

    Hi Guys,
    How do i check the indian flight/train/state bus schedules in this site, As whenever i open this site it goes directly to the blog site.
    Thank you

  2. admin Says:

    Hi Narayan,
    I am perplexed as to how it could have happened, guess its some usability confusion on our page some where. Or you got in through some other link?? So please tell your flow that is – which URL you opened and what you clicked over there.

    Let me explain you how to search for flights/trains (we don’t have buses as yet)

    1) Please go to the home page http://www.90di.com/travel
    2) Type your search query in the search bar which says “Enter your search query…”
    (For the search query format you can see a few examples below the search field)

    Please get back to us, if this doesn’t help


  3. selvan Says:

    i tried to look for a package to malaysia but couldn’t.
    i think you do this service only within india , is it so ?

    if international can also be done with your sit e, it will be great.
    let me know pls,thanks.

  4. k s rao Says:

    jashirmut in uttaranchal neat aulu and floer valley

  5. admin Says:

    @Selvan Yes the service is for India domestic travel only.

  6. International Flights Says:

    Your blog is very much good. I am very much impressed by your blog content; I also come across number of sites for the Travel for the Cheap Airfare and Airline Tickets, you can also check these are also very much useful for everyone.

  7. Ahamed Says:

    I tried this website ttp://www.90di.com/travel for train availability in chennai to delhi. But I couldn’t get the route map. Then I found another search engine indiantrains.org. In that I got the route map very fast and quick.

  8. Jo Says:

    hi ther,
    i found a tool to get pnr status ,,
    visit http://www.indiantrains.cor….you will get it.

  9. Abhinit Says:

    You can view the route map by clicking on the map icon in the search result. Map will open in a new window.


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