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Availability for direct Flights and Trains between given two places

We have earlier added the functionality to find all the direct flights and trains between two places. We have enhanced this by providing the check availability feature.

For example, when you search for mumbai to kolkata you will get a list of trains and flights.

flights & trains between Mumbai and Kolkata

Now you can click on “Get Availability” link. You need to specify the departing station, arriving station, date and travel class (for trains).

Getting availability for train

Then we will get the availability for that train/fight.

Availability details for train

You can book the trains either at ClearTrip or at IRCTC.

We take you the home page of IRCTC, as you need to log in before doing anything.

But, for ClearTrip, we take you the page where all the details are pre-populated.

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