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Spelling Mishtakes on a lovely friday morning

We’ve seen that users when typing a query in free text search interface make quite a few spelling mistakes.

The poor engine at 90di still always tries and makes sense out of it. And you would love to know that in most cases it does not do too bad!

Lets look at some common and some comic spelling mistakes:

1) A genuine misspell of one letter (most common occurrences).
Particularly happens if an over-worked guy on a late Thursday evening, is trying to book a ticket to Hyderabad in a hurry.

Bangaloer to Hyderabda

This one is piece of cake 🙂 for the engine to understand. Verify it for yourself:
Bangaloer to Hyderabda

2) The second kind of query happens when some body is trying to get naughty with the system:

Bangalur to Hderbd

Looks like the engine can understand this also quite okay:
Bangalur to Hderbd

3) Now we have somebody who has learned to type only on her mobiles 😉

bnglr to hydrbd

Well, we don’t do too bad here either. Don’t believe it? See it for yourself:
bnglr to hydrbd

We invite you to try out some more funny spelling mistakes and provide us with your in-valve-able (oops invaluable) feedback.

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