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Improved flight search – Route Ranking for flights

Friday, February 27th, 2009

Last week we released Route ranking for trains. Now we have it for flights too. Once you click on the stars which depict the rating you see a pull down as shown in picture below:

flight route rating dialog

flight route rating dialog

You can see the the 90di engine tries to analyze a lot of parameters that makes sense for a flight journey, e.g. the carrier type, overall duration etc. and gives a ranking to the route on a scale of 10.

You can give your opinion on the engine’s analysis as well as give comments about any aspect of the route.

We intend to use your comments to improve the engine’s analysis and ranking further over time.

Your comments are most welcome.

Route Ranking for Trains

Thursday, February 19th, 2009

What is route rank?

Well, we have coined this term, to denote the quality of a travel route. There could be lots of reasons a route could be good or be bad. To name a few: the departure time, the arrival time, the train quality, the transit stoppage times, etc. and so on.

What we have trained the 90di engine to do is:  To take all these factors into account and compute a rank for the route on a scale of 0 (meaning worst) to 10 (meaning the best).

We also realize that finally humans, like you and me, are a better judge of many things. Specially when it comes to all the tacit knowledge, including the true travel quality of a travel route.

So we hope to depend on your comments i.e. what you think about a particular route (train, station, flight, or any other travel aspect) also to tune it further.

PS: Due acknowledgment (only for the name) to the  pre-existing part-namesake, that gives sleepless nights to millions of Webmasters all over the world 😉 [hope you understood what I am talking about. If not please do not hesitate to ask]

Also please do let us know if you like it or also if you hate it.

Share, Save and Remove routes

Thursday, February 19th, 2009

You can now share, save and remove the individual routes displayed. For sharing (emailing) and saving the route, you should be a registered user. For this, the user registration is made simpler. If you don’t like a route, you can remove it from the results being displayed. The options are displayed on the bottom right of each route. The map view link is along with these options.

save remove and email of route

Tabbed results view

Thursday, February 19th, 2009

We are constantly making changes to our UI so that you get the maximum benefit from our search results. In this process we are now showing the results in a tabbed view. The results are categorized into only train routes, only flight routes and routes having trains and flights, and displayed in different tabs.

Following is a screen shot of the same.

Tabbed View of search results

Tabbed View of search results