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Improved flight search – Route Ranking for flights

Last week we released Route ranking for trains. Now we have it for flights too. Once you click on the stars which depict the rating you see a pull down as shown in picture below:

flight route rating dialog

flight route rating dialog

You can see the the 90di engine tries to analyze a lot of parameters that makes sense for a flight journey, e.g. the carrier type, overall duration etc. and gives a ranking to the route on a scale of 10.

You can give your opinion on the engine’s analysis as well as give comments about any aspect of the route.

We intend to use your comments to improve the engine’s analysis and ranking further over time.

Your comments are most welcome.

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2 Responses to “Improved flight search – Route Ranking for flights”

  1. Global Express Price Says:

    nice route ranking for flights. it would be nice if you can put details prices of flights on flight route rankings. thanks

  2. Abhinit Says:

    Thanks for suggestions. We will certainly look into this.

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