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Route Ranking for Trains

What is route rank?

Well, we have coined this term, to denote the quality of a travel route. There could be lots of reasons a route could be good or be bad. To name a few: the departure time, the arrival time, the train quality, the transit stoppage times, etc. and so on.

What we have trained the 90di engine to do is:ย  To take all these factors into account and compute a rank for the route on a scale of 0 (meaning worst) to 10 (meaning the best).

We also realize that finally humans, like you and me, are a better judge of many things. Specially when it comes to all the tacit knowledge, including the true travel quality of a travel route.

So we hope to depend on your comments i.e. what you think about a particular route (train, station, flight, or any other travel aspect) also to tune it further.

PS: Due acknowledgment (only for the name) to theย  pre-existing part-namesake, that gives sleepless nights to millions of Webmasters all over the world ๐Ÿ˜‰ [hope you understood what I am talking about. If not please do not hesitate to ask]

Also please do let us know if you like it or also if you hate it.

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13 Responses to “Route Ranking for Trains”

  1. Rockey Nebhwani Says:

    liked the idea of route rank…It will be nice if you also provide option to sort the results based on route rank..

    Another observation for a query which I tried for my travel – “Bangalore to Cochin by train tonight”

    Keyword “tonight” is not understood here and I was shown train departing in morning and afternoon as well…It will be nice if you can take care of this and filter the results ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. kiran Says:

    Hi Rockey,

    Thanks a lot.
    Yes, we will definitely include an option to sort the results on the route rank.
    Regarding “tonight”, thanks for pointing this out. We will take care of this.

  3. Rockey Nebhwani Says:

    Hi Kiran,

    Thanks for considering my request :-).

    1) While putting filter logic for “Tonight” you can also consider putting similar logic even when you have “Today” in query and filter any morning results if the query is performed in afternoon. No point showing users a train which has already left.

    2) Also you can consider a specific class preference and filter the results if user wants to travel specifically by AC or First Class. Try this – “trains from bangalore to cochin by first class”. This query shows results even for trains without any First Class coaches. This may be a conscious decision from your team not to put that intelligence but I personally would like to get that filter in place and put the control somehow in users’ hand to explore a lower class if they can’t find availability in higher class.


  4. kiran Says:


    Thanks for these very useful inputs.
    Really good to have features from the users point of view.
    I have noted down these points in our tasks list.

    We welcome your suggestions and comments.


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  6. Rockey Nebhwani Says:

    I recently tried ClearTrip’s new feature for searching Indian Railways via chat (http://blog.cleartrip.com/journal/2009/3/3/launch-search-indian-railways-trains-via-chat.html). I am sure your team would have seen this announcement from ClearTrip.

    FYI…I tried the queries which we discussed earlier in this blog and ClearTrip seems to understand all of that.

    Also, to provide another user prespective, I also liked Tabbed display of results for various classes (II AC, III AC etc.) by Yatra for recently launched train search on Yatra.com. It was very convenient to use…

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  8. Pakkala Says:

    I need help of this kind

  9. pavanreshmanth Says:

    it is a wastage of time waiting in gudur

  10. pavanreshmanth Says:

    n o r e p l y

  11. subash Says:

    this is very much helpful

  12. subash Says:

    I admire this sort of helps provided for common men.

  13. Dr.Anil Batta Says:

    Overall a nice one between Faridkot & New Delhi

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