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90di.com is a travel search engine

We are often asked this question as to why we don’t do booking ourselves on our site. And also what is our business model. As Sanjay asks here.

So I am trying to breifly answer to the questions posed by Sanjay and others:

We consciously do not do any booking ourselves. Where as we find the best flights directly from the Airlines and also take the user for booking directly with the Airline. Likewise we do for other things like Trains, etc.

In short we are a travel search engine. Or in other words,  a vertical search application for travel.

Vertical search is believed to be how the next generation search engines will be. Highly domain-context based, rather than just keyword based.

Travel search is one such category in the new breed of vertical search engines. In US travel search engines like Kayak have gained a very high market share. There is no reason why the same should not happen in India, going forward.

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3 Responses to “90di.com is a travel search engine”

  1. Sunny Says:

    Great website. I just love it. I can not easily find trains between places that I struggle to do using other websites 🙂

    I was still wondering how do you make money? Ok you generate leads for various websites, but is it enough? I believe you’re paid only when a deal gets converted. So if volumes are low, it makes business sense only when the earning per converted lead is high enough.

    Somehow I fear this very good travel search engine should not get crushed by the big fishes…who seem to control the whole travel sphere…

  2. Sunny Says:

    Sorry for typo above; I wanted to say “…I just love it. I can now easily find trains between places…”

  3. khushnood Says:

    Thanks Sunny for your feedback and for your wishes! Also appreciate your genuine concern for us. Please do mail any suggestions/inquiries you have on the matter to info_at_90di_dot_com id

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