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We are happy to announce a new initiative – of that of venturing into custom software development for other people i.e. for our clients. We look forward to  work with a few clients at a time, alongside our travel product development.

The rest of the details are explained as a FAQ below.

1. Why are you starting to do consulting?

Short answer: For revenue.

Long answer: We are a boot-strapped/self-funded Internet product company and look forward do do some software development/consulting to fund our efforts for product development by sharing our knowledge and expertise with others.

2. What kind of consulting work will you pick up?
We can do anything related to software ranging from software development, to design and architecture of systems. Some examples of the nature of work we would do:

a. Software Design & Development

b. Architecture consulting

3. What Technologies can you provide consulting in?
Although we have thrived on FOSS (Free and Open Source) software for a large part of our career. But technology is not a barrier.

We are comfortable in languages ranging from Java to C++ and C.

Operating systems from Linux, to any kind of Unixes (Solaris, AIX, HP-UX) to Windows.

Web servers like Apache, IIS, etc.

App Servers like Tomact/JBoss to Databases like MySql, Oracle, SQL Server, Ingres.

So in one short phrase – ‘Technology no bar’

4. Why should we chose you?
If you like 90di.com travel site and would like to get a site or any other application of the same kind of quality get developed for you, then you should contact us.

5. How do we contact you for consulting?

Just write in a hello mail with small description of your need to sales@90di.com and we can take it forward from there.We ensure a response to your mail within one business day.

[On a lighter note: We read all our mails and are hyper communicative in general, so don’t worry about your mail getting lost in pile of other mails. We reply to each and every mail we get, even try to reply to cold call marketing mails]

6. What would the engagement cost me typically?
One liner: It may not price you the cheapest, but it would be one of the most cost-effective solutions for you.

First up: We don’t compete on price. If you are looking for just low price ‘web development’, we recommend to you upfront that we may not be the best people for it.

We look forward to compete on quality and productivity, and these are not just marketing words for us. Here’s our one liner for the two words:

Quality – Clean code with elegant design which solves the most of complex problems in the simplest of ways.

Productivity – Quality code written fast.

As per Joel Spolsky, productivity between programmers can vary by some 10s of times and more! Just for an example: It’s rumored, that companies like Google have an average productivity per programmer/per month of some 2500 lines of code. We make a promise upfront to at-least double that for you.

So hopefully, it should be the most cost effective software that you can get written anywhere. We will even refuse work and advise you to go to other people, if we think we are not the best guys for you.

7. You arrogant fools, you fancy you are more productive than Google, eh?
Not at all. On the contrary, we are overwhelmed by what companies like Google have achieved. And we are sure they have genius programmers in their ranks. Seems the Page Rank algorithm was just implemented in two weeks. Paul Buchheit (no longer with Google), wrote the initial version of Gmail in just a day, yes just a day!

But we also believe, that average productivity per programmer comes down in a inverse proportion to number of programmers you have in the company. Example 37 Signals had just 5 programmers till about some time back, and their revenue was in millions of  dollars (don’t no exact figure).

So we suspect Google’s productivity might have have been as high as some 25000 lines of code per programmer per month when it was running in a garage.

Our mention  is about  this supposed number of 2500 lines of code per month per programmer. As this looks seriously less to us (as I am sure to many other programmers). On some good-bright-sunny days, we do reach upto couple of 1000s of lines of code our selves. Honestly.

8. I am a loyal visitor of your travel website 90di.com, won’t quality of that be affected?
In one word, No.

Just to elaborate, we actually have been doing some consulting in the past year, did you notice the website quality going down or the pace of feature addition being reduced?

We assure you that 90di Travel product is our first love, and we will continue to do full justice to it. Also please do not hesitate to give us a piece of your mind, in case you feel us lagging or lacking in any way.

9. Okay so what’s the secret of your claim to such good productivity?
That’s a secret! 🙂

But seriously we think there are several. Like our experience working for the very best of Indian software companies (Please check the team page to see our brief profiles).

Also to name one best practice we follow: Less meetings. Yes, we try to have as less meetings between us as possible. We just have a few stand-up meetings like 10-15 minutes meeting, when we feel the need for it. We have a bias for asynchronous means of communication like email (yes email still works for us) And as said earlier, we do read our mails.

10. Hmm… you people look like you can be given a try?
Thank you! Please do so and we promise we will strive to make you one delighted customer. just write a mail to us at sales@90di.com with a short description of what you want.

11. BTW, Doesn’t Paul Graham say that product Startups should not do consulting? 😉

First up: A lot of our work culture has been picked straight out of Paul Graham’s essays. So we do respect and pay a lot of attention to his views. But we also think ourselves, and so we don’t agree to all the things he has to say. Two examples of where we disagree with him:

a. Product Startups should not do consulting work:
We believe in the philosophy of  ‘to each his own’ meaning each startup can not run on one fixed formula. And people can do some tactical stuff to avoid other time wasters e.g. Running after VCs.
(NOTE: If a VC approaches you its a different matter altogether)

b. Another example where we disagree with him is with the use of Lisp.
Again we believe: ‘To each his own’ meaning language is but just a tool and we won’t shy away from using Lisp if we had to.

But seriously, come on…,  Java has got so much momentum behind it and you can easily get so many great piece of software for free e.g. Double MetaPhone implementation.

And we also try to remember that finally what matters is how fast you can convert your ideas to code, and languages like Java are simply, and equally, great for that purpose.

Finally, we look forward to working with you on your upcoming software projects. Do tell us, even if you have a need which you think may come up in a few months time. Also please do tell about us, to a friend who you think can benefit by you recommending us. In any case, please do not hesitate to write to us for any more information at sales@90di.com

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