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Its been fair amount of time since the last post, as we have been busy implementing stuff. And now its time to announce one such feature, which has been out there silently for past few weeks – Its called ‘Near Search’.

Let me explain how it works.

Often you want to travel to destinations which do not have a railway station or an airport, but have very good road connectivity from nearby big places. To give two examples:

Delhi to Munnar

Mumbai to Kasauli

Like this there are thousands and thousands of small (and/or tourist) places like –  Panchgani, Mahabaleshwar, Puri, Konark, Kedarnath, to name just a few, to which we now will be able to show connectivity and provide help in reaching there.

Behind the scenes the 90di search engine, works hard to find all the better connected places nearby and prompts a list of such places to the traveler.

Near search screen shot

Figure 1: Near search screen shot

Figure above shows a sample screen-shot of the search Bangalore to Panchgani .

In this case the user can chose the best route (train/flight/bus/and their combination) in two steps.

In the 1st step traveler can chose the best place near to Panchgani, default we give is Satara, also Pune (another nearby big place) is in the list.

In the 2nd Step user can do a route search to the place chosen.

So please do give it a try and let us know what you think. We can’t have enough of your encouragement and improvement feedback.

And if you find a small/tourist place in India not there, just tell us (Give feedback or just comment on this blog) and we promise to add it real-quick!!

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4 Responses to “‘Near Search’ on 90di”

  1. Rockey Nebhwani Says:

    This is a great feature and I really didn’t expect this to work well but examples which I tried it gave me perfect result –

    1) Delhi to Bundi (This is a small town near KOTA rajasthan with little connectivity)
    2) Delhi to Chintaman (This is a Ganesh temple near Ujjain\Indore)

    Keep it up guys…This is a real time saver..

  2. khushnood Says:

    Thanks Rockey for you trying out and liking it. Encouraged as ever by your comments!!

  3. winnie Says:

    please tell me how to get to Balrampur from Gorakpur. I want to get to Srawasti Jethawana buddhist temple

  4. khushnood Says:

    Hi Winnie,
    You can do the search ‘Gorakhpur to Balrampur (Uttar pradesh)’ on our home page. It will show you places near to Balrampur, you can take help of Web resources (like Wiki – we even give a link to that on our results page), to select a better connected place (by train) near Balrampur.

    From there you will have to use some Taxi or something to travel to Balrampur. Since Balrampur is a popular religious place, you can call up the temple perhaps and am sure, there will be enough help as to what’s the best way to reach there.

    Hope this helps!

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