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90di home page is now as light as a feather!

Monday, January 18th, 2010

Hi Folks!!

We didn’t write any blog for the last two months as we were working on some of the important items. (But to balance our silence here, we have been quite noisy on twitter).

But now we are back on the blog as well and with some good news for the new year 2010! 🙂

Have you observed the load time of our main site 90di.com today? It should be around 80-90% faster than what it was yesterday.

Our main page was earlier 500 Kb in size which used to make it seem a bit slow (it was only on the home page though). This was a major problem for users, particularly worse for users with slow Internet connections and also those who still use IE6!

All the users had to wait for some time to get the page loaded, and this was one feedback from many users, who love us otherwise.

The good news is that, we have addressed this problem now. The initial download size of our home page is now only 40Kb! Yes, only 40Kb!! which is  around 90% cut from the earlier 500+ Kb!!

However, you might notice some (very little compared to earlier) delay when you do the first search. This is when it loads some additional java scripts. But overall we think it yields a significantly better user experience.

So we are very-very ecstatic about it!! Please try it out at 90di.com and to tell us your thoughts on the same.

Some details on the tech aspect of it: Thanks to GWT (Google Web Toolkit). They have recently released version 2.0. This time they have introduced the concept of ‘code splitting‘. Using this the GWT applications can be split into multiple java script files and hence can minimize the initial download time.