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International flights on 90di

Thursday, September 27th, 2012

Not sure, if you knew that you can also search International flights on 90di. The feature has been there for a while, but we did not mention it too much, as we were reliant on a single provider for that. But now, we have improved it a bit, and so perhaps time to tell you all about it.

There are lots of Airlines in India which travel international with one end of the journey in India. So we provide flights from Jet Airways, JetKonnect, Indigo, Spice Jet and Air India Express directly from these airlines.

Also for these (inbound/outbound flights to/from India) and all the other flights of the world we show flights from Expedia.

Some example queries:

1) Some popular routes from India – in these cases we show flights from the Indian carriers and also from Expedia
Delhi to Dubai flights on 20th
Chennai to Singapore flights on 22nd and back on 24th

2) Pure International flights – these we show from Expedia
SFO to Dallas flights on Sunday

3) Some other routes connecting smaller Indian towns with places abroad – Jet Airways and Air India Express do a good job of covering these routes
Lucknow to dubai flight on sunday
dubai to amritsar flights on next friday

Please do try it out. And give us your feedback. Last but not the least: please do remember to review the choice carefully before booking.