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A question on speed

Friday, February 21st, 2014

A user liked the speedy experience on 90di and asked:

> really cool site…I am just curious, how your site is so fast .. compare to <name deleted> …u guys are using rest or something else ?

We always love it, when users like something and tell us. Paraphrasing the reply. Actually the fastness of a site, mainly depends on the server side (i.e. back end) architecture. There we have designed it with care for scale and keeping the latency low. We host on Linux servers. And use Nginx for web server. Server side code is in Java as well as now moved quite a bit to Go lang (Google’s new language – which takes less memory than Java)  while retaining or exceeding the speed.

Some bits have been coded in C++ for extra speed. So there you go, the architecture in brief. And we are trying and working on it to make it still faster..we will try to share more sharable stuff in the coming months on this blog.

Also we had been tied up enhancing and supporting the growth, and could not blog regularly over here last year. Shall try to be more regular on that front.