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Merry Christmas and Happy new year!

Wednesday, December 31st, 2008

As the year 2008 comes to an end and we enter 2009, 90di team wishes all our users a safe, happy and fulfilling new year. Year 2009 looks promising for all travel buffs with  drastic reduction in airline fares and falling fuel prices. So if you are not already on a holiday, may be its time to start planning for one. And you already know how to make you travel planning simple 🙂

Introducing LatLong: Find directions in Bangalore

Thursday, November 6th, 2008

Picture this scenario, which happens to those of us living in Metros quite often.

You receive a wedding invite form your office colleague, to attend her wedding.
You safely preserve the invite and put reminders to yourself so as not to miss it.

On the evening of the wedding you pull out the invite, and check the venue. It says: A C Convention Hall in Vidyaranyapura. You say to yourself, Oh my God, where is that place?

You are already late for the wedding since its 7 PM and going anywhere in Bangalore takes 1 and half hr on the minimum (provided its on the same part of the town in which you are)

What do you do?

You frantically boot the nearest machine and go to Google maps. Search for Vidyaranyapura. Oh gives you the wrong one, the one you want to go is in the eastern part of town, your colleague had said (this one is in the south). Now you search based on the larger area Doddabommasandra … Got it this time … You then increase the zoom and look out for Vidyaranyapura … got it … then you look for the said landmark … Gosh can’t see it. Lost my place, now I am in Jayanagar… You decrease the zoom … come back to Doddabommasandra … increase the zoom … look for Vidyaranyapura .. got it. Now look for the said landmark, got it … Relief.

After about 12 minutes of frantic searching, you are ready to go. But wait, you need to note it down. You don’t want to struggle with you printer, now. So you just tear a piece of paper from the nearby note book and draw out the layout with some landmarks. Now you are all set. Its 7:18 now and you need to rush …

You drive along thinking to yourself, can there be a better way for finding this info out? …

Well guess what, there already is. Our friends at Onze have done a launch of this smart service for finding city directions in Bangalore:


Had you known about it before you went for the wedding, you could have simply done a search like:
Go Vidyaranyapura from Koramangala
(if you happen to live in Koramangla)
And it would have given you the directions from the start to finish in seconds. And with some really good landmarks on the way.

My experience of using it:
I did a couple searches to test it out with even obscure places which I knew, something not-very-popular e.g. Johnson Market. And guess what it gave me excellent directions to that place with some landmarks, which I know are good one over there.

Also to add to the website, there is a SMS option too. You can just send a simple SMS in the form of

GO <destination place> from <starting place>

and it will reply back with the directions.
(The number to send an SMS is there on their website)

Suggest you give LatLong a try. I am sure you will find it quite useful.

And lastly, please give them your invaluable feedback.

Added the filtering on stations

Tuesday, June 24th, 2008

Hi All,

We have added the filtering on the starting, ending and the transit stations.

This helps to filter out some routes which you don’t want to see. For example when you search from Bangalore to Hyderabad, you might not be interested in a route which has a transit at Ongole railway station.  In this case you can filter that route out.

Hope this feature helps you to get the best route for you.

Usability Improvement

Tuesday, June 17th, 2008

Hi All,

We sincerely acknowledge your feedback and inputs on 90DI. We have made several small changes which will simplify the usage of our website and also increase the speed of the search results.

Some of our users told us that they are finding it difficult to get a particular railway station in FROM/TO text boxes. We are grouping (mapping) the railway station/airport in/near a city. Earlier we were listing only the cities (and unmapped stations/airports) by default, but there was an option to list the railway stations/airports also. Since you found it difficult to use, we changed our approach. Now we show all the cities, stations/airports by default with clearly demarcating them. You can change this to list only the stations/airports or only the cities.

For Flight search, we are done away with the FROM/TO text boxes. Now we have the pre-populated drop-down boxes which will have all the airports listed. This will again ease the Flight search.

What we observed is, most of the users use one-way search instead of round-trip. So we made one-way search as the default search.

We have tried to increase the speed of the search by first getting all the direct routes and then getting the multi-leg routes, if required. Also, now we show only the available flights.

Please give your thoughts on these.

Hello World and launch of 90di multi-lingual features

Saturday, March 8th, 2008

Hello 90di users!

This is the first blog entry from me. Hoping to write many more.

Using this opportunity to announce the release of of 90DI multi-lingual. So from today 90di.com shall speak Hindi and Kannada apart from English. This is one more way we thought of customizing 90di for Indian users, by making it more localized!

You will notice that as of now it is only partial Hindi and partial Kannada. You can see that the labels, the instructions and messages are in the chosen language, but things like the names of places and stations/airports are still in English. Also the static pages are available only in English for now. Hopefully, we will be able to release a full non english version some time soon.

We also hope to add more languages soon. Which language should be added next? — You tell us!

1) Try out the site in hindi

2) Try out the site in kannada

Also requesting the users to point out any mistakes they find in the translation. Or better phrases in a particular language. Also please do give your invaluable feedback on this feature.