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Need for ‘Social’ protocol built into the Internet

Friday, June 24th, 2011

Have been feeling the need for Internet 2.0 (not web 2.0!), with social protocols, to support applications like Facebook, Twitter wired in. Thereby allowing people to choose between multiple ‘social’ providers.

Just like mails (via SMTP etc.) have been there from early days of Internet, with multiple email providers including Desktop clients.

Else, we will have the problem of a private body (e.g. Facebook) controlling way too much. Like what Google does by being the ‘start page’ of the Internet, and now people are talking about search being part of Internet (there were also a couple NY Times articles some time back on the same).

A paranoid user, should be able to have everything on her Desktop, or her own storage in the cloud. But communicate to others via a ‘social’ protocol (akin to SMTP).

So just like one has gmail/yahoo and other mail, one should be able to choose his/her ‘social’ account(s) and still be able to collaborate with his/her friends using the ‘social’ protocol.

To be more clear in such an environment it doesn’t matter if I am on Orkut or Facebook or on both. Or simply have hacked up a desktop tool, which can talk ‘social’.

I think the Open social protocol has not really taken off in that direction. What I have in mind is just an application level protocol like HTTP/SMTP, which is directly over TCP. Hence it should be more of an Internet standard (owned by IETF types) rather than a consortium of corporates (which I think Open Social is).

NOTE: This blog has opinions and thoughts, which are personal of Khushnood Naqvi, and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of 90di.

PS: I have not done deep research to write this note. And this was written, some time back. But I still believe, most of the things are still valid – as in Facebook continues to be the dominant social network. Would like to be educated on any efforts, which are in this direction, or counter view points.