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Mail based search – now get search results in your inbox!

Friday, June 19th, 2009

We have launched mail based search feature on 90di, wherin you can send your travel search queries in subject field of email to the emailID 90di.com@gmail.com and you will get your search result in your inbox within minutes.

Search query should be normal free text based search query. For example if you want to find flight fares between Mumbai and Delhi on next Friday, you can send an email with suject Mumbai to Delhi by flight next friday and you will get the results in your inbox.

Along with the booking link tele booking numbers of all the airlines are provided so that you can call the airines directly and book your ticket.

For train availability, just start your query with keyword “AVL” and provide all the required information. For example for availability for train number 1014 between Bangalore and Mumbai your query should be AVL train 1014 SBC to LTT on 07/Jul/2009 2A

Try it out and let us know your thoughts! đŸ™‚

90di.com launches natural language search for travel

Saturday, August 23rd, 2008

We have just released text based search on our website. In this feature you can submit your search query in simple text and you will be shown relevant search results. So it is no longer necessary to fill in a detailed search form and submit. You can quickly type in a few words and search your route/fare. This feature is aimed at giving our users the flexibility to search more targeted and filtered routes (And also aimed for people who hate using mouse). To illustrate this let us see some examples of how this can be used:

Normal search: A normal search query can look like

Bangalore To Delhi on 5th October

Now you can have more targeted search strings as

Bangalore To Delhi on 28th October by train


Bangalore To Delhi on Oct 29  by Flight

Or instead you can write

Bangalore to Delhi on next Tuesday


Bangalore to Delhi on 25/10/2008

People more familiar and comfortable with airport and station codes can search like,

SBC NDLS train sunday

You can even just type

Bangalore to Delhi

Or if you just want to check the schedule of a train you can search by typing train name or number like,

Sanghamitra Express schedule

Or just the train or flight number,


There are many more ways you can construct your query and I am sure you will find this by giving it a try. And as always we will eagerly wait for your suggestion/feedback about this feature.

Incidentally this feature release coincides with the 1st anniversary of 90DI website release.