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Route Ranking for Trains

Thursday, February 19th, 2009

What is route rank?

Well, we have coined this term, to denote the quality of a travel route. There could be lots of reasons a route could be good or be bad. To name a few: the departure time, the arrival time, the train quality, the transit stoppage times, etc. and so on.

What we have trained the 90di engine to do is:  To take all these factors into account and compute a rank for the route on a scale of 0 (meaning worst) to 10 (meaning the best).

We also realize that finally humans, like you and me, are a better judge of many things. Specially when it comes to all the tacit knowledge, including the true travel quality of a travel route.

So we hope to depend on your comments i.e. what you think about a particular route (train, station, flight, or any other travel aspect) also to tune it further.

PS: Due acknowledgment (only for the name) to the  pre-existing part-namesake, that gives sleepless nights to millions of Webmasters all over the world 😉 [hope you understood what I am talking about. If not please do not hesitate to ask]

Also please do let us know if you like it or also if you hate it.

Need for speed? check our lighter version!

Monday, December 15th, 2008

No, we have not ventured into gaming and racing! Its just an update that 90di will now open with lightning fast speed even if you have slow Internet connection with  lighter version of 90di. So if the site is taking time to open or you are in hurry just switch to the basic html version. It is bandwidth friendly and should open much much faster.

It still has all the essential features like train and flight availability, fare and booking links. We have changed the result classification for better clarity. Now search results are categorized as direct trains, train combination(routes involving more than one train), direct flight, flight combination and train+flight combination.

Standard version with full features is still there and you can switch to it anytime you want. Check it out and give your suggestions.

Availability for direct Flights and Trains between given two places

Thursday, December 4th, 2008

We have earlier added the functionality to find all the direct flights and trains between two places. We have enhanced this by providing the check availability feature.

For example, when you search for mumbai to kolkata you will get a list of trains and flights.

flights & trains between Mumbai and Kolkata

Now you can click on “Get Availability” link. You need to specify the departing station, arriving station, date and travel class (for trains).

Getting availability for train

Then we will get the availability for that train/fight.

Availability details for train

You can book the trains either at ClearTrip or at IRCTC.

We take you the home page of IRCTC, as you need to log in before doing anything.

But, for ClearTrip, we take you the page where all the details are pre-populated.

Finding out if a direct train or flight runs between two places

Tuesday, November 11th, 2008

We have seen from the way people try to search on 90di, that a lot of our users wanted to simply find out whether there is any direct connectivity between two places by train/flight etc. and to what are various options available to them.

So we just improved our search engine to churn out those search results.

This feature explained by  a few examples:
1) If you want to see all modes of travel between bengalooru to Goa, just type in:

bengalooru to goa

2) If you want to find out direct flights between bangalore Hyderabad:

Bangalore to Hyderabad flights

3) For trains between delhi to mumbai say

nizamuddin to mumbai trains

And as with the route search, you can use the station/airport codes and place names interchangeably.

Would love to hear what you think.