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Vertical Search on Indian Railways data (and any and every kind of data)

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

The number of web sites in the world is already around 250 million and growing very fast. Also almost every body who sells something wants to have a web front end too. In this scenario of e-commerce website explosion, it is becoming increasingly difficult for a user to find the relevant information based on her needs. Below are some questions for which we will seek the answers:

  • How does an Internet user know which site to use to pull out the information?
  • Will the user get the best price and the best fit for her needs, just by searching the few sites she knows?
  • How does the user know which sellers (sites) have what she needs?
  • Also if she wants to compare the price (or other attributes of the product) from multiple vendors (web sites) how does she do?
  • Won’t she be overwhelmed with data after just accessing a handful of seller web sites?

Read the white paper on Vertical Search to know the answers to the above questions.

We wrote this white paper a while back and sent it to some people, with the intent of introducing them to vertical search concepts and hoping to cause a change in how people think about their websites and data on the Internet.

Now trying to reach out to a wider audience, with the same intent. So please do read it and feel free to circulate it to anybody.

Key messages are:

1) Vertical Search is the future way of how people access any information on any domain, including travel.

2) Railways organizations like CRIS/IRCTC can really help catalyze the growth of innovative travel applications by making all their data public. There is already a precedence in the form of dataSF.org  (this guardian article covers the benefits that the city of San Francisco is already reaping by putting their data out in the open)

The link to the white paper, again, is here. Also you are invited to discuss it freely by putting your thoughts/comments on this blog Or in the twitter sphere or anywhere you chose.

‘Near Search’ on 90di

Tuesday, August 4th, 2009


Its been fair amount of time since the last post, as we have been busy implementing stuff. And now its time to announce one such feature, which has been out there silently for past few weeks – Its called ‘Near Search’.

Let me explain how it works.

Often you want to travel to destinations which do not have a railway station or an airport, but have very good road connectivity from nearby big places. To give two examples:

Delhi to Munnar

Mumbai to Kasauli

Like this there are thousands and thousands of small (and/or tourist) places like –  Panchgani, Mahabaleshwar, Puri, Konark, Kedarnath, to name just a few, to which we now will be able to show connectivity and provide help in reaching there.

Behind the scenes the 90di search engine, works hard to find all the better connected places nearby and prompts a list of such places to the traveler.

Near search screen shot

Figure 1: Near search screen shot

Figure above shows a sample screen-shot of the search Bangalore to Panchgani .

In this case the user can chose the best route (train/flight/bus/and their combination) in two steps.

In the 1st step traveler can chose the best place near to Panchgani, default we give is Satara, also Pune (another nearby big place) is in the list.

In the 2nd Step user can do a route search to the place chosen.

So please do give it a try and let us know what you think. We can’t have enough of your encouragement and improvement feedback.

And if you find a small/tourist place in India not there, just tell us (Give feedback or just comment on this blog) and we promise to add it real-quick!!

Search buses in India on 90di.com

Thursday, March 19th, 2009

We have launched the BUS search today 🙂

With this we are now covering around 6000 places in India. Many remote/small places are also included now.

You can also book these buses online.

Please try it out and give your comments.

Some examples:

1. Bijapur to Bangalore Bus tomorrow

2. Bhuj to Jamnagar Bus

3. Bangalore to Byndoor Bus next Friday

Thanks to our partner, TicketVala.

90di comes 4th at pluggd.in poll for India’s most trusted travel search site!

Monday, March 9th, 2009

90di.com came fourth at pluggd.in poll for Indis’s most trusted travel search site among 12 sites polled. This poll drew amazing user participation with more than 1000 votes casted. We thank all our users for putting their trust in us.

90di.com is a travel search engine

Friday, March 6th, 2009

We are often asked this question as to why we don’t do booking ourselves on our site. And also what is our business model. As Sanjay asks here.

So I am trying to breifly answer to the questions posed by Sanjay and others:

We consciously do not do any booking ourselves. Where as we find the best flights directly from the Airlines and also take the user for booking directly with the Airline. Likewise we do for other things like Trains, etc.

In short we are a travel search engine. Or in other words,  a vertical search application for travel.

Vertical search is believed to be how the next generation search engines will be. Highly domain-context based, rather than just keyword based.

Travel search is one such category in the new breed of vertical search engines. In US travel search engines like Kayak have gained a very high market share. There is no reason why the same should not happen in India, going forward.

Improved flight search – Route Ranking for flights

Friday, February 27th, 2009

Last week we released Route ranking for trains. Now we have it for flights too. Once you click on the stars which depict the rating you see a pull down as shown in picture below:

flight route rating dialog

flight route rating dialog

You can see the the 90di engine tries to analyze a lot of parameters that makes sense for a flight journey, e.g. the carrier type, overall duration etc. and gives a ranking to the route on a scale of 10.

You can give your opinion on the engine’s analysis as well as give comments about any aspect of the route.

We intend to use your comments to improve the engine’s analysis and ranking further over time.

Your comments are most welcome.

Finding out if a direct train or flight runs between two places

Tuesday, November 11th, 2008

We have seen from the way people try to search on 90di, that a lot of our users wanted to simply find out whether there is any direct connectivity between two places by train/flight etc. and to what are various options available to them.

So we just improved our search engine to churn out those search results.

This feature explained by  a few examples:
1) If you want to see all modes of travel between bengalooru to Goa, just type in:

bengalooru to goa

2) If you want to find out direct flights between bangalore Hyderabad:

Bangalore to Hyderabad flights

3) For trains between delhi to mumbai say

nizamuddin to mumbai trains

And as with the route search, you can use the station/airport codes and place names interchangeably.

Would love to hear what you think.