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Usability Improvement

Tuesday, June 17th, 2008

Hi All,

We sincerely acknowledge your feedback and inputs on 90DI. We have made several small changes which will simplify the usage of our website and also increase the speed of the search results.

Some of our users told us that they are finding it difficult to get a particular railway station in FROM/TO text boxes. We are grouping (mapping) the railway station/airport in/near a city. Earlier we were listing only the cities (and unmapped stations/airports) by default, but there was an option to list the railway stations/airports also. Since you found it difficult to use, we changed our approach. Now we show all the cities, stations/airports by default with clearly demarcating them. You can change this to list only the stations/airports or only the cities.

For Flight search, we are done away with the FROM/TO text boxes. Now we have the pre-populated drop-down boxes which will have all the airports listed. This will again ease the Flight search.

What we observed is, most of the users use one-way search instead of round-trip. So we made one-way search as the default search.

We have tried to increase the speed of the search by first getting all the direct routes and then getting the multi-leg routes, if required. Also, now we show only the available flights.

Please give your thoughts on these.