90di Consulting

About 90di

We are an Internet company with an ambition to develop modern Internet based products. Our flag ship product '90di Travel' , is a travel search engine, for the Indian market, and has earned rave reviews by users and the media.

We also do custom software development. And have already done software development projects for one of the biggest and the best IT brands in India, which also happens to be our previous employer.

90di Team:

    Khushnood Naqvi : Khushnood is co-founder and director at 90di. He has over 15 years experience in IT industry. He was working with Infosys Technologies as a principal architect before this venture. Khushnood is an IIT Kharagpur alumnus.

Service offerings:

We do anything related to software. Ranging from software development, to design and architecture of systems. Some examples of the nature of work we would do:

a. Software Design & Development

b. Architecture consulting


Although we have thrived on FOSS (Free and Open Source) software for a large part of our career. But technology is not a barrier.

We are comfortable in languages ranging from Java to C++ and C.

Operating systems from Linux, to any kind of Unixes (Solaris, AIX, HP-UX) to Windows.

Web servers like Apache, Nginx, IIS, etc.

App Servers like Tomact/Jetty/JBoss to Databases like MySql, Oracle, SQL Server, Ingres.

Deployment: On hosted servers or in the cloud (Amazon EC2, S3; Google AppEngine)

Quality & Productivity:

We look forward to compete on quality and productivity, and these are not just marketing buzz-words for us. Here's our one liner definition for the two words:

Quality - Clean code with elegant design which solves the most of complex problems in the simplest of ways.

Productivity - Quality code written fast.

Examples of recent projects:

  1. Development of an Online Multi-player Game

    Client: A small company based in London, UK

    Work: Development of the game initial version from scratch, based on the concept developed by the client. Helping in testing.

    Technology & Challenges: UI in JQuery; Backend in PHP, hosted on Apache. State management of multiplayer game, where testing is not easy.

  2. Enhancements and maintenance of a BPM product

    Client: Indian IT services giant, head quartered in Bangalore, India.

    Work: Enhancement and Maintenance for its BPM (Business Process  Management)/Workflow product, used in the Banking domain.

    Background: We were part of the team that developed the product, while employed by the client, earlier. So the client chose us to provide support, as consultants, when we were running our own company - 90di.

    Technology & Challenges: J2EE, Tomcat, Databases (Oracle, MySql, SQL Server, etc.) Fully home grown product, with a very solid architecture, providing scalability to run thousands of processes concurrently.

  3. Travel Search Engine
  4. 90di.com

    This is our own travel product. The flagship offering of our start-up 90di. And we feel this is the best example of quality of our work.

    Its a travel search engine for domestic travel within India. Can help you with best flights/trains/buses and their combination. Some example queries:

    Mumbai to Bangalore by flight on Friday

    Bangalore to Chennai by Bus on Saturday

    We have built up decent traction on our site and have got rave reviews in the media. Also we have developed proprietary cutting edge technologies like natural language processing, and custom routing algorithm.

    More details on this:




  5. A DRM application, targeting food/perishable goods suppliers, for a US Startup

    Client: A US based Startup, improving the food/perishable goods supply chain.

    Work: Development and Maintenance for its flagship product, which provides a hosted service(SaaS) for secure storage of audits/certificates for perishable goods suppliers.

    Technology & Challenges: Java, PostgreSQL database, JBoss, AWS EC2(Amazon Web Services Elastic Computing)