Terms of Use

Terms of Use:

We have written the terms of use in simple language. We shall replace (or complement) these with a more formal document in the due course:

  1. All the material displayed and generated by our site is owned by us and we retain all the rights on it. In some cases where the data is owned by third parties is Copyright of those third parties. By you using our site or by any other means, we don't transfer any rights on any data to you.
  2. We don't provide any warranty on the authenticity of the data, displayed by us. Few examples where we don't provide any warranty being:
    • that a route returned by us is a proper and valid route.
    • that the fares shown by us will be honored by the service provider
    • that the actual times of flights arrivals and departures match what is returned by our search results
  3. We won't be held liable if you suffer any damage because of using the route data displayed by us. Some examples of this could be (but not limited to): a. You miss a transit flight because of an earlier flight being late. b. You have any kind of problems in dealing with the service provider, regarding cancellations, refunds etc.
  4. We don't do any kinds of bookings ourselves, we just show you the travel information, for you to have all the dealings (like booking, cancellation) etc. with the Service providers (Airlines or Railways) directly.
  5. Any data (apart from what explicitly mentioned in the Privacy policy like your email id) submitted to us as a feedback, through form or by email, becomes our property.
  6. We reserve the right to change the "Terms of Use" at any time without needing to update you of the same. It is your responsibility to be aware of the terms of use while using our site.

Privacy policy:

We respect the privacy of your data like email, contact etc. and assure you that we will respect your privacy. We won't supply your data to any other party. We won't send you any un-wanted mails, we will try to stop sending you emails as soon as you tell us to. We will use the data you give us for e.g. through feedback for any kind of analysis related to functionality of our web site. We also reserve the right to use that data in any published or un-published report or statistics. However, we do assure you that we will not reveal your personal contact (name, email or address) without seeking your permission, in any report.