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For example: You want to go from Ahmedabad to Mumbai

Step 1
Enter  all the search  data as shown in the dialog below
  1. Select Buses
  2. Select AHMEDABAD from the from station list
  3. Select MUMBAI from the to station list
  4. Choose travel date
  5. Click on Search button.

Select the route for your travel on the result page (shown below)
  Route Screen
  1. Two routes are shown here from the result page


You can choose to see the route map by clicking on view map link on the results page above.
  1. You can see how you travel in the Indian Map.
  2. Click on Map View icon in the results page.
  3. This will open a new window where the route is displayed in the Indian Map.

Step -4

Click on book tickets on your route of choice  to book your tickets on the service provider page.

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