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For example: You want to go from Delhi to Mysore on 21st of February 2008

Step 1
Enter  all the search  data as shown in the dialog below:
  Search Criteria
  • Select Train + Flight
  • Type DE in the From field. Select DELHI from the options displayed.
  • Type MY in the To field. Select MYSORE JN - MYS(S) from the options.
  • Select One Way
  • Click on Search button.

Select the route for your travel on the result page (shown below)
  Route Screen
  • Two routes are shown in the search result page
  • By clicking on  +details you can see the details of the journey.
  • The first route is via BENGALOORU. From DELHI to BENGALOORU it is flight journey in GoAir G8-451 flight.
  • From BANGALORE CY JN to MYSORE JN it is train jorney in TIPPU EXPRESS 2614.
  • You can reach from Bangalore airport to Bangalore central railway station in 2 Hour 45 minutes (You can take TAXI/AUTO/BUS to reach).
  • Total fare for this journey is Rs. 2593 (Rs. 2525 + Rs. 200).

  • You can see how you travel in the Indian Map.
  • Click on view map in the results page.
  • This will open a window where the route is displayed in the Indian Map.
  • n the map we show the route using lines. Each leg of travel is shown in different color. At each place (origin and the change-over points), we display the details.
  • From DELHI it is GoAir flight G8-451 till Bangalore
  • From Bangalore to Mysore it is Indian Railways train 2614

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