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You can plan your trip, mail it to friends, co-passengers and Travel Agents using the 90di Plan my Trip. You can do all the given below and more:
  1. Plan your multi-city trip

    For e.g., the trip shown below, is a perfect candidate to be planned using 90di Plan my Trip:
    Trip segment 1:
             Bangalore to Delhi, by Flight on Jan 4
    Trip segment 2:
             Delhi to Lucknow by Train on Jan 8th
    Trip segment 3:
             Lucknow to Jaipur by Train on Jan 12th
    Trip segment 4:
             Jaipur to Bangalore by Flight on Jan 14th

  2. Save your trip (for later viewing and editing)

    NOTE: You need to be a registered user for using this feature.*

  3. Email your trip to other friends, your favorite Travel Agent (or to yourself)

    NOTE: You need to be a registered user for using this feature.*

  4. Take a print out of your trip
  5. Search the best flight or train for your trip segments using the familiar train/flight searcher
  6. Add the passenger details and do the booking

    NOTE: You directly book with the service providers - Airlines and the Railways directly. We make it all very easy for you with all the details on one page Alternatively you can book it through a Travel Agent by mailing the trip details to them.

* For some feature like saving and emailing you need to register with us and be signed in. It takes only a minute. See instructions below.

Steps to register:
  1. Click on the Register link on the top right of the main page.
  2. Enter all the required details and say Register
  3. You get a confirmation email from us. Just click on the link in the mail and you are done.

After you are registered with us. You can sign-in by clicking the "Sign-in" link on the top-right of your page. You just need to provide your email id and password, you provided to register.

So If you have got an idea of what "Plan my Trip" is about go try it out at 90di home.
Click on the "Plan my Trip" menu on the menu bar.

Or continue to read the detailed instructions below and then try it out:

Step 1
Step 1: Create your Trip basics - Trip segments and no. of passengers
NOTE: You need to be registered and signed-in to save the data on the trip planner. See "Steps to Register" above on how to register on 90di. It takes only a minute!

Detailed Steps:
  1. Click on the "Create a new Trip" link. You see a page as shown in figure 1 below.
  2. Enter your trip name, number of passengers and trip description ( description is optional).
  3. Specify the from and to places for the first trip segment e.g. Bangalore to Delhi. Also specify the departure date (labeled as Leave)
  4. Search for the best train/flight by clicking on "search train/flight" link. On clicking on the link the search result page showing numerous routes is opened.
    • Select a route of your choice by clicking on "select route" link.
  5. On selecting a route on the search result page, you come back to the trip planner page with your selected train/flight details filled.
NOTE: You don't need to a specific flight/train. Nothing is forced on you. You can still save/email/print your half-cooked trip and fill in details as your plan gets more concrete.

Create Trip
Figure 1: Create Trip page snapshot

Step 2: Specify the passenger details (optional step).
This step is really simple. Just enter the name, sex and age of the passengers and go to next step.
Sample screen is shown to in figure 2 below.

NOTE: You would need these details for booking your tickets.

Create Trip
Figure 1: snapshot of passenger details page

You can choose to see the route map by clicking on view map link on the results page above.
Your complete itinerary is shown as figure 3 below. Click on book tickets on your route of choice to book your tickets on the service provider page. To book you tickets:
  1. Click on the "Book Ticket" link on each of the trip segments. It will take you to the booking page of the service provider, where you can do your booking.
  2. Come back and record/mark the booking as done.

NOTE: You can also book some steps yourself. And book the remaining steps through an agent, for whatever reasons e.g. not having the right payment instrument. By emailing the itinerary to them.

Create Trip
Figure 1: snapshot of booking page

More Features: Email and Print
  • Email your trip to your co-passengers, friends or a travel agent.
  • Print your itinetary
Hope, now you have a fair idea of what "Plan my Trip" is about!
Go try it out at 90dI home.
Click on the "Plan my Trip" menu on the menu bar.

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