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Popular tweeters (Human) of 2009
2. no-image gulpanag [Gul Panag, Mumbai India] {tweeter-cat:red-ninja} tweet this
4. no-image ShashiTharoor [Shashi Tharoor, New Delhi ] {tweeter-cat:red-ninja} tweet this
5. no-image b50 [Bombay Addict, Mumbai] {tweeter-cat:red-ninja} tweet this
6. no-image twilightfairy [twilightfairy, Delhi, India] {tweeter-cat:red-ninja} tweet this
7. no-image anaggh [Anaggh A. Desai, Mumbai] {tweeter-cat:red-ninja} tweet this
8. no-image priyankachopra [Priyanka Chopra, ÜT: 19.110306,72.823221] {tweeter-cat:red-ninja} tweet this
9. no-image BDUTT [barkha dutt, India ] {tweeter-cat:red-ninja} tweet this
11. no-image meerasapra [Meera Sapra, New Delhi] {tweeter-cat:red-ninja} tweet this
12. no-image viveksingh [viveksingh, mumbai India] {tweeter-cat:red-ninja} tweet this
13. no-image GuyKawasaki [Guy Kawasaki, VirginAmerica 2A] {tweeter-cat:red-ninja} tweet this
14. no-image dhempe [Hrish Thota, Bangalore] {tweeter-cat:red-ninja} tweet this
15. no-image RajeevMasand [Rajeev Masand, ÜT: 19.13347,72.811622] {tweeter-cat:red-ninja} tweet this
16. no-image PritishNandy [Pritish Nandy, Usually Mumbai. ] {tweeter-cat:red-ninja} tweet this
17. no-image oldmonkmgm [null, null] {tweeter-cat:red-ninja} tweet this
18. no-image cheth [chetan, Manipal, Bangalore, India] {tweeter-cat:red-ninja} tweet this
19. no-image chetan_bhagat [Chetan Bhagat, Mumbai] {tweeter-cat:red-ninja} tweet this
20. no-image softykid [nabeel, bangalore,india] {tweeter-cat:red-ninja} tweet this
22. no-image Netra [Netra Parikh, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, India] {tweeter-cat:yellow} tweet this
23. no-image aalaap [Aalaap Ghag, Mumbai] {tweeter-cat:yellow} tweet this
24. no-image mahafreed [mahafreed, Mumbai] {tweeter-cat:yellow} tweet this
25. no-image sardesairajdeep [Rajdeep Sardesai, ] {tweeter-cat:yellow} tweet this
26. no-image kjohar25 [Karan Johar, ] {tweeter-cat:yellow} tweet this
27. no-image Bani_J [Bani J , ÜT: 19.128062,72.822712] {tweeter-cat:yellow} tweet this
28. no-image shaaqT [Shakti, City of Dreams: Mumbai] {tweeter-cat:yellow} tweet this
29. no-image sidin [Sidin Vadukut, New Delhi, India] {tweeter-cat:yellow} tweet this
30. no-image fossiloflife [null, null] {tweeter-cat:yellow} tweet this
31. no-image HNatarajan [H.Natarajan, Mumbai, India] {tweeter-cat:yellow} tweet this
34. no-image shreyaghoshal [Shreya Ghoshal, Mumbai, India] {tweeter-cat:yellow} tweet this
35. no-image funnyoneliners [Funny One Liners, Tampa Bay] {tweeter-cat:yellow} tweet this
36. no-image unitechy [null, null] {tweeter-cat:yellow} tweet this
37. no-image Tweepak [TWEEPAK, Bangalore, India] {tweeter-cat:yellow} tweet this
39. no-image prolificd [null, null] {tweeter-cat:yellow} tweet this
41. no-image shailaja [Shailaja Sharma, Mumbai, India] {tweeter-cat:yellow} tweet this
42. no-image dharmeshG [DharmeshG, Bombay, India] {tweeter-cat:yellow} tweet this
43. no-image nithinkd [nithinkd, New Delhi] {tweeter-cat:yellow} tweet this
44. no-image venkatananth [Venkat Ananth, ÜT: 19.203401,72.975841] {tweeter-cat:yellow} tweet this
45. no-image shamz911 [Shamrez Zack, Qatar] {tweeter-cat:yellow} tweet this
46. no-image krist0ph3r [Kris, mumbai, india] {tweeter-cat:yellow} tweet this
48. no-image Asfaq [Asfaq Tapia, Mumbai] {tweeter-cat:yellow} tweet this
49. no-image tantanoo [Shantanu, Kanpur] {tweeter-cat:yellow} tweet this
50. no-image s4sukhdeep [SuKhDeEp SiNgH, Gurgaon] {tweeter-cat:yellow} tweet this
51. no-image vimoh [Vijayendra Mohanty, New Delhi, India] {tweeter-cat:blue} tweet this
52. no-image crucifire [null, null] {tweeter-cat:blue} tweet this
53. no-image CelinaJaitly [Celina Jaitly, ÜT: 22.528181,75.754766] {tweeter-cat:blue} tweet this
54. no-image v_shakthi [Shakthi, Bangalore , India] {tweeter-cat:blue} tweet this
55. no-image suddentwilight [Paromita Deb Areng , Mumbai] {tweeter-cat:blue} tweet this
56. no-image MissMalini [Malini Agarwal, ÜT: 19.054034,72.825676] {tweeter-cat:blue} tweet this
57. no-image mad_nad [Nadhiya Mali, India, Chennai] {tweeter-cat:blue} tweet this
58. no-image AshuMittal [Ashu Mittal, Noida] {tweeter-cat:blue} tweet this
59. no-image punkpolkadots [null, null] {tweeter-cat:blue} tweet this
60. no-image _aditi [null, null] {tweeter-cat:blue} tweet this
61. no-image tinucherian [Cherian Tinu Abraham, Bangalore, India ] {tweeter-cat:blue} tweet this
62. no-image nomadwanderer [null, null] {tweeter-cat:blue} tweet this
63. no-image ceetee [Chetan Thaker, Mumbai] {tweeter-cat:blue} tweet this
64. no-image GautamGhosh [Gautam Ghosh, Delhi, India] {tweeter-cat:blue} tweet this
66. no-image paulocoelho [Paulo Coelho, Rio de Janeiro] {tweeter-cat:blue} tweet this
67. no-image hiyer [null, null] {tweeter-cat:blue} tweet this
68. no-image GauravSaha [Gaurav Saha, Pune] {tweeter-cat:blue} tweet this
69. no-image Riteishd [RITEISH DESHMUKH, MUMBAI] {tweeter-cat:blue} tweet this
70. no-image zoooni [null, null] {tweeter-cat:blue} tweet this
71. no-image hardik [null, null] {tweeter-cat:blue} tweet this
72. no-image Reema226 [Reema, India] {tweeter-cat:blue} tweet this
73. no-image flyyoufools [Fly You Fools Comics, New Delhi] {tweeter-cat:blue} tweet this
74. no-image yearning4d_sky [null, null] {tweeter-cat:blue} tweet this
75. no-image harshika_s [Harshika Sethi, Kolkata,India] {tweeter-cat:blue} tweet this
76. no-image mojorojo [Rohan Joshi, Mumbai, India] {tweeter-cat:blue} tweet this
77. no-image psam [Sameer Panchangam, Hyderabad] {tweeter-cat:blue} tweet this
78. no-image sonamakapoor [null, null] {tweeter-cat:blue} tweet this
79. no-image pprakash [null, null] {tweeter-cat:blue} tweet this
80. no-image Cute_Divya [Divya Bhatt, Mumbai (Bombay), India.] {tweeter-cat:blue} tweet this
81. no-image baxiabhishek [null, null] {tweeter-cat:blue} tweet this
82. no-image achitnis [null, null] {tweeter-cat:blue} tweet this
83. no-image streetanchor [kapildhawan, Gurgaon] {tweeter-cat:blue} tweet this
84. no-image mariyaness [null, null] {tweeter-cat:blue} tweet this
85. no-image virsanghvi [null, null] {tweeter-cat:blue} tweet this
86. no-image ashokbanker [null, null] {tweeter-cat:blue} tweet this
88. no-image juniorbachchan [abhishek bachchan, Mumbai, India] {tweeter-cat:blue} tweet this
89. no-image Flipbooks [Blair Semenoff, The Lake and Vegas baby!!] {tweeter-cat:blue} tweet this
90. no-image 1mrankhan [Imran Khan, Mumbai, India] {tweeter-cat:blue} tweet this
91. no-image bharathy_99 [null, null] {tweeter-cat:blue} tweet this
92. no-image wanderblah [null, null] {tweeter-cat:blue} tweet this
93. no-image sizzler_chetan [Chetan Bhawani, Hyderabad, India] {tweeter-cat:blue} tweet this
94. no-image livetorque [Arun Charles, Chennai, India] {tweeter-cat:blue} tweet this
95. no-image MallikaLA [Mallika Sherawat, Los Angeles] {tweeter-cat:blue} tweet this
96. no-image nikhilchinapa [null, null] {tweeter-cat:blue} tweet this
97. no-image surekhapillai [Surekha Pillai, New Delhi, India] {tweeter-cat:blue} tweet this
98. no-image gkjohn [null, null] {tweeter-cat:blue} tweet this
99. no-image harshitashining [harshita sharma, India] {tweeter-cat:blue} tweet this
100. no-image brainstuck [Anshul , India] {tweeter-cat:blue} tweet this
[Updated: Wed, 30 Dec 2009 19:41:32]
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